First Things First

After Countless Hours of research, we have determined the best size for our keyboard. It is a 70% keyboard and a real dream to type on. Input Devices are something that we use everyday to interact with our computers. We believe we have made a fantastic typing experience.

The perfect little companion

We designed our mouse to use only one button. It features a Touchpad to enable gestures like zoom, scroll and switching between apps. Wanna right click? Simply click on the right hand side of the button! The mouse is wireless and bluetooth enabled. Free from chains, this little mouse can help you go anywhere.

A true sight to see

Our monitor is a 13” display with a 1080P resolution. It’s quite The beauty to look at even when it’s not on. We enabled a P3 Wide display to help bring you the best color accuracy on the market. Simply plug it in to the computer, and you're done!

But wait. Where's the computer?

It’s all built right in!

Much like the computer’s of yesteryear, we made a computer that’s built underneath the keyboard. We asked our customers what they wanted. They all said they wanted it to be easy to set up and hassle free to use everyday. We have designed the computer with two thunderbolt USB C ports, an HDMI port, and Audio in port with Audio Video Out, coupled with a MicroSD Slot for expansion. This way you can even connect a graphics card externally if you require the extra power. Sweet!