Marcel wants to
be a programmer

Just wonder what he could
do if he had a computer!

What if everyone was empowered?

We believe that we are not just creating computers, but we are creating ways and means for people to transform their lives.


Just Imagine what people can do if they are given the right opportunities:

A craftsmen in Cambodia can get online and offer his products or services. 

A child in Kenya can learn how to program and create an application. 

A local artist in India can sell his work online.

Why are we working on this?

The world is moving on, but some people are still left behind. Technology has transformed our lives, but it still hasn't reached everyone. 


If given the right tools, what people can do with them is only limited by their imagination. At Bern, we believe that we can help people live better lives, learn new skills and enhance their productivity. 


We are creating solutions for the rest of the world. It may seem incredibly challenging to do everything from scratch, but to us...


There Ain't No Mountain High Enough!



Meet the world's most fun computer

We spoke to hundreds of people in order to create a computer that best fits their needs. And boy did we deliver!

We are designing a UNIX/Linux based Operating 

System that is truly out of the world!


A computer can seem alien to someone who doesn't know how to use one. We intend to make it incredibly intuitive and easy to use. With a focus on optimising adoption, security, privacy, productivity and usability, we are sure that we can design an operating system that can change the way people use computers altogether.  


We are currently working on developing the OS.

Join our mission

"Imagine all the people; Sharing all the world.

You may say that we're dreamers; But we're not the only ones...

We hope someday you'll join us; And the world will live as one."