4 billion people
don't have computers

We are on a mission to provide them with tools
to help them make the most of their abilities

Why Computers?

Smartphones have helped connect Billions of people worldwide. 92% 

of people use smart phones for social media, Call, SMS and YouTube. A Computer is essential today for any kind of Productive work. We are on

a mission to help the rest of the world make the most of their abilities.

The Lack of Computers

After extensive research, we have come up with various reasons why computers never picked up in subsistence markets

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The biggest reason why computer's have not penetrated the market is due to supply chain challenges. This makes it difficult for customers to purchase one even if they want to. In some cases, the lack of internet access can't use them for much on their own.


We were shocked to learn that computers with 4 year old specifications cost significantly more in subsistence markets. On countless occasions we have seen computers being sold for 5 times the cost they normally would. This is why computers are so expensive to adopt.

Загрязнение окружающей среды


Computers readily available today are extremely difficult to adopt for first time users. The lack of language support makes it hard for consumers to learn how to use them. Operating Systems and software are designed with 1st world consumers in mind. 


Designed with love
for the rest of us

Does The World Really Need Computers? 

The Problem with Smartphones 

Smartphones have helped connect billions of people worldwide. 92% of people use smart phones for social media, Call, SMS and YouTube. It is next to impossible to do any proper productive work on a small device. Try creating an application, designing a digital illustration, editing a professional video or make a song. Try book keeping, doing accounts, or even managing inventory. It's always better to use a computer.